Players who harm the alliance (SCF) or one of its members as well as show unfair behavior, will be recorded on a blacklist and rejected if they (re)apply for membership.

Signing Contracts with Organizations that are not a member of the SCF
Bilateral contracts with other organizations can be made, as long as they do not act against the SCF statutes or rules.

Multiple Alliances
Membership in other alliances are allowed as long as their charta and general conditions are not in conflict or harming the SCF.


1 vote per Organization
Each member organization of the SCF has equal rights to vote.

Contribution to the Alliance
Each member-organization contributes affordable and justifiable ressources to achieve the common goals of the alliance.

Protection against exploitation
If an organization exploits the alliance, the SCF may sanction or exclude the organization from the alliance. Each organization is held responsible for its members.

This document includes the framework and the general conditions for the SCF. Meetings are only required if the rules of the SCF may not work or need to be reformulated. Currently the SCF meets ond Discord. Every diplomat of a member Organization gets access to the SCF Discord server and should visit it on regular basis. The SCF members shares new informations on Discord, regardless of the meetings.

Charter amendments and exclusions of member organizations
A. Charter amendments and exclusions of member organizations can only be made by a vote at a voting assembly, so the amendment receives at least an 80% majority.
B. In general, each member organisation of the SCF has the right to convene a meeting capable of voting. This is a meeting which fulfils the following conditions:

i. At least 60% of the participating SCF organisations are represented.
ii. The members of the SCF were invited to this meeting 7 days in advance, by the diplomat Discord clearly recognizable.


The SCF pays a strong attention on the philosophy and alignment of the applicant that has to harmonize with the SCF. The application should include clear structure, goals and alignment of the organization and the reasons why it applies for membership.

Contacts for applications
On Discord

The SCF does not support piracy, meaning that no pirate organizations will be allowed in the SCF.


Common objectives
The SCF will set common objectives, which will be decided by the member-organizations. Examples: Mining platforms, space stations, Bengal carrier a.s.o. Those common objectives will be supported and build up by all member-organizations. Also every organization has access to the benefits of the project. Trade between SCF-members at best possible conditions is also a common objective.

Mutual resource exchange
Manpower, Knowledge and Materials of the SCF, are resources that shall be used efficient and purposefully, to complement each other in mission. Resources and materials can be produced together and exchanged, to realize the common objectives. Mapinformation, espionage and knowledge can be exchanged, to compete in the universe together.


Non-aggression treaty
Members of the SCF are subject to a common non-aggression treaty. If hostilities happen, they have to be resolved and possibly compensated.

Joint maneuvers
Each member-organization has the right to take part in the maneuvers of the SCF, if it wants to. This means i.e. flight training, dogfighting and FPS-training.

It can’t be ruled out, that the SCF with it’s common objectives will have enemies, that attack it’s premises and goods. In the best interest of all participating member-organizations, they are urged to offer reinforcements at their own discretion and abilities, to ensure the protection of the common objectives. An organization is not liable for the offences of another organization and therefore is not required to aid in such a case.

Neutral to the UEE
The SCF is neutral towards the UEE and will neither fight nor support it directly.

Outgame offers

Joint events
Joint events outside of the game could be newsletter, video projects, a lottery, a.s.o. Also reallife meetings could be organized. Of course, there is no obligation to take part at there events.